CocoPerez Article Links

Here you can find links to some of the work I’ve done for

Lip Tattooing Is The New Craze

Weirdest Beauty Trends of 2015

EOS Beauty Lawsuit Report

WEN Haircare Lawsuit Report

Fashion World’s Biggest Scandals & Tragedies

Seventeen Magazine then-and-now

Victoria’s Secret Photoshop Report

Kendall Jenner Model Rivalry

CFDA Auction Results

Video Makeup Tutorial

Fashion Galleries: 1) Oscars Fashion Predictions 2015 … 2) Oscars Fashion Predictions 2014 … 3) Oscars Fashion Predictions 2013 … 4) Thanksgiving Fashion … 5) New Year’s Eve Fashion … 6) Bikinis For Every Body Type

Celebrity Style ‘Look for Less’ posts: 1) Rihanna … 2) Winter Coats … 3) Jennifer Lawrence

4) Amal Clooney … 5) Cozy Sweaters … 6) Lea Michele … 7) Jenna Dewan-Tatum

8) Kendall Jenner … 9) Missoni … 10) Katy Perry



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